NUMBER / ORIGIN / DATE : 001 / E-mail / 130695


Whilst taxiing out, strong electrical burning smell, followed by smoke from MCDU. On inspection cooling air filters found blocked by dust and fluff. There is apparently no routine inspection procedure to check these filters for blockage, and this could lead to a fire in the air. Also applicable to EADI, EHSI, and EICAS displays.

NUMBER / ORIGIN / DATE : 002 / E-mail / 200296


During descent aircraft can sometimes revert to climb even though lower height still showing on MCP. If MCP is reset aircraft returns to descent. Ive only ever seen it do this in descent, never in climb.

NUMBER / ORIGIN / DATE : 003 / E-mail / 191196


Having just read the report for B747 (004) it reminded me of an incident several months ago during the walkround. As I passed one of the holds I noticed a courier bag lying inside, and when I went in to check it I heard a loud buzzing from one of the fan units (The holds have fans in them to blow air from the hold across the smoke detectors). On engineering inspection the fan unit was blocked by old baggage labels. There was almost no airflow through the fan, making the smoke detector inop. Please listen for any unusual noises from hold fan units, as you may have a useless smoke detector system, and a potential fire hazard in the fan unit.

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